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Your first contact with Rock Hill municipal services is likely to be at the Administration Department.

The Administration Department, headed by the City Administrator, serves the dual role of providing administrative services - accounts receivable and payable, payroll, etc., for city departments and employees, as well as providing a wide variety of services to the public, Some of these services are:

And, in conjunction with the Housing Department

Questions that you may have regarding city services can also be directed to the Administration Office, phone 968-1410. Usually your inquiries can be quickly answered or directed to the correct city department.


The Mayor’s Office is also located in the Administration Office area and contact with the Mayor, as well as the Board of Aldermen, can be initiated at this location.

Jennifer Yackley
City Administrator

Jennifer Yackley









Administrative Staff

Garrett Schlett - Assistant City Administrator/

                          City Clerk




827 N. Rock Hill Rd. Rock Hill, MO 63119 Telephone:(314)968-1410