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Department Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm

827 N. Rock Hill, Road, Rock Hill, MO 63119  


  • Residential Inspections (sells, tenant change & property maintenance questions or concerns).
  • Commercial Inspections (sells, tenant change & property maintenance questions or concerns).
  • Fence, driveway, sign permit application, demolition & excavation permits.

Housing questions may be directed to Garrett Schlett,  Assistant City Administrator at 314-968-1410 ext. 8003 or

For more information regarding Housing/Occupancy Inspections click here

Problem regarding any rodent problems should be addressed by contacting St. Louis County, Vector Control at (314) 727-3097.


Applications for construction under 400 square feet are reviewed and issued upon Rock Hill approval. Decks, enclosures involving footings and other small projects may be subject to county inspections.

Application for new construction projects or projects over 400 square feet are reviewed, then forwarded to the planning & zoning commission. Upon approval applicants receive a Municipal Zoning Approval Application that must accompany approved plans to St. Louis County for issuance of building permits.

Questions regarding zoning or Planning & Zoning Commission submissions may be directed to:  Jennifer Yackley, AICP  City Administrator at 314-968-1410 ext 8002.


Click here for the City Code.  The zoning code is under Title IV Land Use.  Click on the folders to open the table of contents in each section.

Recent changes to the City's design standards.



Click here for a zoning map of the city.

Zoning Applications:

Special Use Permit Application                                                Record Plat Application                                      Commericial Site Plan Application

                                             Rezoning Application                                                                   Text Amendment Application


Residential Site Plan Application 


MSD Landscape Guide to Stormwater Best Practices    

MSD Landscape Guide to Site Design Guidance 


827 N. Rock Hill Rd. Rock Hill, MO 63119 Telephone:(314)968-1410