New Businesses

Steps for a new business in Rock Hill. 

If you plan to do an interior tenant finish you need to Click Here and submit this form with five sets of your plans to City Hall. Once the Building Inspector has reviewed and signed off on your plans then you can take four of the stamped and signed copies along with the completed application to St. Louis County to apply for your permits. Once that is complete or you do not need any interior renovations you then need to get an Occupancy Inspection.  

Click Here to schedule your Commercial Occupancy Inspection 


Once you have been approved for Occupancy then you can be approved for your Business or Merchant/Manufacturer's license. Please click here to read the code and determine whether you need a Business license or a Merchant/Manufacturer's license and all other rules pertaining to operating a business license in Rock Hill. If your business is one that is involved in the sale of Liquor please click here to read the City's Code related to Liquor Control. Below you can find links to Liquor License, Business, and Merchant/Manufacturer License applications. 

Liquor License 

Business License 

Merchant/Manufacturer License 

Before you install your new sign please click here to read the Sign Code. After you have read through the sign regulations then you can apply for your sign permit by clicking the link below. 

Sign Permit