Business & Merchant Licenses

Commercial Enterprises

For licensing purposes the City of Rock Hill classifies commercial enterprises into two categories: Business and Merchant/Manufacturer. Commercial licenses are valid from August 1st to July 31st.

Business Category

If your commercial enterprise falls into one of the categories listed below it is a Business:

  • Appraisers
  • Bank and Trust Companies
  • Barber or Beauty Shops
  • Building and Loan Associations
  • Collection Agencies
  • Contractors and Excavators
  • Draying, Moving and Furniture Storage
  • Insurance Companies/Agencies
  • Loan Companies
  • Manufacturers' Agents
  • Office Buildings
  • Real Estate Companies/Agencies

Download the Business License Application here.

Use the Business Emergency Contact Form to update your information. This form can be submitted to the Rock Hill Police Department.

Merchant/Manufacturer Category

All other commercial enterprises fall under the category of Merchant/Manufacturer.

Download the Merchant/Manufacturer License Application.

Liquor License

Please review the Liquor License Application closely as there have been significant changes regarding background checks.

Download the Liquor License Application here.

For special events, download the Temporary Liquor License Application here.

Massage Therapy, Solicitor, Canvasser or Liquor License

Download the Request for Massage Therapy, Solicitor, Canvasser or Liquor License Approval here.


For further information regarding licensing, please contact the Amy Perrin at (314) 561-4303.