Rock Hill Municipal Division

The Rock Hill Municipal Court is available via email at [email protected], phone at 314-561-4315, efiling on casenet or via drop box in the lobby of City Hall.  The Municipal Court offices are not available for in person services at this time.

ALL JUNE COURT DATES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.  ALL JULY COURT DATES WILL BE HELD ONLINE VIA WEBEX.  Please monitor your case on casenet for any changes to your court date.  Once court sessions resume, notices will be mailed to all defendants scheduling new dates.  It is your responsibility to make sure the court has your correct address.

Payments may still be made online, through the mail or via the drop box in the vestibule of City Hall.   Information regarding July online court dates:  Please check casenet for the date and time of your hearing.  You must be logged in at your assigned time in order to be considered present.  You must also have filed a "Waiver of Right to be Physically Present and Consent to Video Appearance" in order to have your case heard.  You can mail, email or drop off that form at least 3 days prior to your court date. 

Please click for a copy of the waiver, as well as an explanation for how the online proceedings will work.  

If you need to request a warrant withdrawal or a bond reduction, please submit your request to the Court Administrator at [email protected].  This request will then be forwarded to the Municipal Judge.  A bond hearing will be held in person within 24 hours, if necessary.


If you are unable to get your questions answered online, please call 314-561-4315 or email the Court Administrator at [email protected].


About Us

A division of the St. Louis County 21st Circuit Court, the Rock Hill Municipal Division is responsible for the processing of all municipal traffic violations and the processing of all municipal ordinance violations.

Court Dates

Court is held at City Hall, 827 N. Rock Hill Road, the second and fourth Mondays of the month, excluding holidays. It is presided over by the Honorable Judge Mark S. Levitt. The Prosecuting Attorney is Thomas Spoon.  You may obtain your court date information on Casenet.

Staff Duties

The Court Administrator, assisted by the Court Clerk, processes all summonses, court dockets and fine payments. The Violations Bureau is established as a convenience to the public. It is not intended to replace a court appearance for pleas of Not Guilty. If you believe that you are not guilty of the offense charged, you should appear in court on the date indicated on your summons.

Online Portal

You can now access your case information, see court dates, review ticket details, and pay your fines online at Casenet.

Staff Contacts