Permit Applications

Housing Applications

Driveway Permit Application:

An application to obtain a driveway permit is relatively easy to obtain.

The owner of the property or the contractor needs to come into the City Hall and fill out an application.

Along with the application, a plot of the property showing the shape of the lot in relation to any streets and/or building on the lot, and the proposed location of the driveway with dimensions (length, width, etc.) are required.

In January of 1996 a new addition to the driveway regulations was added. The new regulations state that, prior to the issuance of an Occupancy Permit, driveways will be inspected for open cracks, breaks, missing components, and depressions. This does not necessarily mean that a whole new driveway is required.

This form must be completed in its entirety and returned directly to City Hall. If you have any questions concerning driveways, please contact City Hall at (314)968-1410.

Fence Permit Application:

The decision to erect a fence or replace an existing fence is an important one. A new fence should be placed within the confines of your property. It is therefore necessary to ascertain where your property lines are. You would not want to put your fence on your neighbor’s property.

After determining where your property line is located you will want to choose what type of fencing you will use. Many types are available ranging from picket to stockade to chain link. Fence posts must be at least thirty inches in the ground and no fence can be higher than six feet. No barbed wire is allowed in fences built in residentially zoned areas.

Should you choose to erect a fence in an easement, please keep in mind that the utility company has the right of access to the easement to perform maintenance and construction. If your fence is in the easement, or blocking access to the easement, the utility has the right to move the fence to gain access to the easement.

A fence permit is required for the erection of a new fence or the replacement of an old one. A person may obtain a fence permit from the City of Rock Hill by coming into City Hall and filling out an application showing the following information: The plot plan of the property showing the shape and placement of any property lines, the location of all structures on the property and the placement of the proposed fence in relation to those structures, and the type of fence to be built.

Please keep in mind that a permit cannot be issued for construction of a fence in the front yards of residentially zoned properties in Rock Hill.

This form must be completed in its entirety and returned directly to City Hall. Should you have questions regarding a fence you are considering building, please feel free to contact City Hall at (314) 968-1410.

Portable on Demand Storage Units, Trailers, or Unit Containers Application:

Residents of the City of Rock Hill must obtain a permit before allowing a Portable on Demand (POD) Storage Unit, Trailer, or other type of Unit Container on their property. The permit is good for seven (7) days and may receive an extension of seven (7) days upon written application of an extension.

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Zoning Applications

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Applications must be returned to City Hall for review. Upon approval and payment of applicable fees, a permit will be issued.