Occupancy Inspections:

Because property owners maintaining their property benefits EVERYONE, we are sure property owners will do everything possible to avoid violation citations and will rectify any unhealthy or unsightly conditions that may exist in a timely fashion.

A typical inspection will take 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size and condition of the property. The inspector will look for such items as paint and trim; gutters; sheds and detached garages; interior mechanical systems such as heat, electricity, and plumbing; interior and exterior foundation; safety features such as measures to get in case of fire or other emergencies; and space requirements.

You are welcome to accompany the inspector during the inspection. The inspector may be able to answer your questions on-site if time permits. A detailed written report will not be issued at the time of the inspection but is usually available the next day at City Hall. A written report will also be emailed to you.

For more information on what is included in the occupancy inspection please click here: Housing/Occupancy Inspections.

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Occupancy Permit:

Once the property has passed inspection, whoever will be residing at the property must obtain an occupancy permit before moving in.  The application must be completed and submitted to City Hall, with the $5.00 occupancy permit fee.  

  • Occupancy limits are determined by the amount and size of bedrooms. Please see your Compliance report following a passed Occupancy inspection to see the occupancy limit on your residence.